Reflections, Allie

Reflections of my life: . . . I use to live in the streets with my brother,  all we have is this small metal measuring cup mom gave to us for our future endeavors. We have been in business for two months now trying to collect just a few coins to make it big in the city.  We make 80 cents per cookie,   that's no money when there aren't any customers coming through the doors. New York is where dreams are made,  Or so they say. . . . 

The Photographers

The first interesting thing I want to remember is how dangerous it can be to be a photographer. People perceive being a photographer as an easy and fun job but in reality it is tiring and dangerous. You often are put into awful living conditions. One of the photographers had malaria 12 times and another was robbed at gun point. Another interesting thing I learned, similar to the one above, is you are almost trying to survive in order to take the pictures. The next important aspect I learned about was how to capture a story in just one photograph. There needs to be emotion and almost and intimacy in a photograph in order to make it worth while to look at. Without intimacy you cannot achieve a magnificent, powerful image people want to look at. Lastly, I learned how breathtaking it is to take portrait photographs. Even though these people might speak different languages or have different beliefs, a portrait photograph can instantly connect that person with the photographer.

Intro to Levitation of Photography

Levitation is the the action of rising or causing something to rise and hover in the air, typically by means of supposed magical powers. The definition of paranormal is "denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis or clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding." 

One important thing to remember when taking levitation photographs is to make sure you tell the model what to wear. It is essential that they are wearing something that fully goes with the theme of your photograph. Printed fabrics are often uneasy to look at in addition to a complex background. Another important tip to remember is to shoot from a low angle. While this is important you want to make sure you don't shoot too low or else when you go into photoshop and try to erase what the model is posing on you will erase part of the person as well. Lastly, it is crucial to take multiple photographs focusing on all different aspects of levitation photography. This includes making s…

History of Photography

There are many fascinating fats and highlights I learned about the History of Photography while completing this assignment. The first interesting fact I learned was about Brandon Stanton. Brandon Stanton originally had a photography project to take pictures of 10,000 New Yorkers. What I found most interesting is he turned this one project into a career. He is now a famous photographer who has published multiple books. The next fascinating fact I learned was about Jacob Riis. Very similar to Brandon Stanton, Jacob Riis photographed the horrid living conditions of New York. Thirdly, I learned that Imogen Cunningham was one of the first female photographer in America. It's astounding how long it took for women to finally be seen as photographers. Lastly, I learned about Richard Avedon's photographing techniques. I found it most interesting how he wanted to showcase the outer beauty of all types of people. These facts are important to my learning because it helps to have a deeper …

Food, Allie

Remembering Grandpa
He use to work in the fields plucking strawberries, juicy little treasures. Summer after summer visiting him and his beloved farm I would pile handfuls of sour raspberries and sweet blueberries inside my berry stained mouth
Ever since that last summer all we have had left to remember is the one small bag of frozen raspberries grandpa gave us. His warm laughter, summer memories, and endless taste fill these delicate berries each and every one of them

Photos with Quotes

For this specific photograph I really wanted to capture the curve of the butterfly's wings and the long slant of the flower's stem. What made this quote and photograph feel unified was how I used the curve and tilt tools. Curving the specific words such as "already" and "all you" help to unify both the quote and photograph together. By curving the words it helps to add to the playful mood and the feel that there is movement in the photograph. Another piece that helped unify the quote and the photograph would be my use of color for text. The bright white helps to tie back into the bright white inside of the butterfly's wings. When I use black towards the end of my quote it helps to again tie into the darkness in the butterfly's wings.

For this photograph I wanted to capture the buzzing of the bee which really helps to connect both my quote and photograph together. Using the tilt and curve tool to add a loop effect to the quote makes you feel like the…


Ink runs in the family. What do I mean by that? Well you could pretty much say I was born into it. My father has been a tattoo artist since the age of eighteen. He dropped out of high school and started illegally painting people's limbs. As young as the age of three he would take me into his shop and I would witness the most beautiful masterpieces anyone has ever seen being created. Dragons galore, a large landscape across one woman's chest, and even one man asked for the face of Mariah Carey on his lower back. My mom walked out on us when I was five. You could pretty much say I have been a screw up ever since. I stay out on the streets late painting my sorrows away. It's my freedom of expression and a trail back to me if my mom ever chooses to find me. Here you see one of my smaller pieces. I named this one "the worm from hell."