Threads of Dignity:
Each thread is a symbol of her life. Red is the hot, fiery anger wound up tight. Orange was her passion. The love for traveling is bundled inside this one. Next is yellow, you can probably guess this one. Her sunshine happiness, these days were rare but did occur. Green are those days were she was just disgusted, when she saw a kid getting slammed into the lockers but was too quiet to do anything about it. Blue is the memories she kept within her shy self. These threads are the only pieces I have left of her. I reminisce of her fiery, passionate, sunshiny, sour, shy personality whenever I see her ghostly shadow shining in the sun. 

Who Am I

Who Am I?
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Planning: Who am I

I am a wonderer, and sometimes that means I get lost. Other times that means I seek adventure. I love to travel, explore, you name it. Photography is one of my greatest passions. I like being able to capture a moment I know I won't be able to remember otherwise. I am fearful I will loose the memories I love most if I don't take pictures. Seeing my grandfather loose his memory reminds me to keep my camera glued to my hand at all cost. I love to dance, i've always been a performer. Whether it's singing in the kitchen, setting up the karaoke machine on the porch, or competing on stage, I thrive on it. I would say my life is an oxymoron. I couldn't think of my life without the "lights, camera, and action," but outside of this "glorified" setting I fade into the background. In my video I want to capture the theme of disappearance.

Selfies, to be or not to be

I think the purpose of a selfie is to depict how someone wants other people to see them. Often times selfies are set up, filtered, and edited to make the photograph capture the beauty of that person, when in reality the actual picture didn't look a trace like the edited photo. I think these people truly want to show off their beauty to the world, not saying that's a good thing or a bad thing. On the other hand, selfies can also be used to show someone's freedom of expression. Selfies are important in conveying emotion. Someone could be wanting to show their confidence in a picture and that should be accepted.
I do not think a selfie is a form of art. A selfie is not a form of art because it does not take any effort. People snap a picture and upload it to the most recent form of social media. In my opinion in order for something to be a piece of art there has to be a story or message being sent to a certain audience. In many cases with selfies, this is not even taken into a…

Cindy Sherman & Brandon Stanton

Photographer: Brandon Stanton

Brandon Stanton is a photographer who takes pictures of New Yorkers. He reveals his identity by taking photographs of other people that express their emotions. Something that is particularly unique about Stanton's story is that his career originally developed from a college project. He was tasked to take 10,000 pictures of New Yorkers which then turned into his career. Since then he has written multiple books titled The humans of New York. Stanton is also very original in the way he takes his photographs. Instead of just capturing his subject he also asks them a story about themselves. By doing this there is a major theme of identity that is depicted not only in the photograph but also in the subject's story.

Photographer: Cindy Sherman

Unlike Brandon Stanton, Cindy Sherman is a well known photographer from the late twentieth-century who takes pictures of hersel…


To explore Halloween and its connections to “paranormal” and “levitation”; To learn how Levitation is being used in the world of photography; To make connections from levitation to real-world uses; To create levitation photographs inspired by other amateur and professional photographers.

Looking at the levitation photography examples impacted my work in multiple different ways. The first way it impacted my work was it helped me realize the different "props" you could use in your photographs. I think looking at the examples helped me to see how beneficial and effective it can be to use props during this unit. The next thing I realized when looking at the levitation photographs was how important it is to make sure your subject really matches the background or setting of the entire photograph. The websites that were most helpful were the ones that really stretched the realm of imagination. I liked looking at people's different skill levels when completing levitation pho…

Allie's Hobbies/Interests

Cherry Blossom:  I never knew her name, but everyday she wore a small cherry blossom flower in her hair, pinned in with a rusted bobby pin. The school planted a tree in honor of the legacy she lived. It's been seven years since i've last seen a small cherry blossom pinned in her bright orange hair. Every time I see the cherry blossom tree outside my school's windows, I can't do anything except think of her. The dainty petals with detailed bright pink centers. Oh how I wish she could come back.